Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why Your Website should be mobile friendly

In web site designing its major point in today that website   should be mobile friendly.
Mobile  friendly  mean that  any time any visitor  surf from mobile browser  he she able to view  site  best  all content and images properly  in mobile  screen so  they  get  better mobile experience . As  per SEO  point of view  its  needed because  in today’s world most of traffic comes from mobile devices  so  we need  mobile  friendly  website .

There is also other reason to use mobile friendly websites 

Google Prefer mobile friendly website   over those of non mobile friendly websites. In 2015 google  added  new  algorithm  a way for mobile search results website have low rank which is not mobile friendly  so we need to make  our website  mobile  friendly for best ranking.

Website Will look best   and work well on any device.  Any  Visitor  visit from mobile device  if he get  better  look and  functionality    they will visit again and it  shows positive feedback for site and site go high in ranking and traffic if its  mobile  friendly .

Its what  our customer wants and we need to provide it for them so they get better  experience in mobile  devices because 75% user  on site  comes from mobile devices . because normal simple website  will not look well in mobile device.

You will lose your business if you have no mobile friendly website. You will probably lose your business if you are using only standard website and no mobile friendly website. Give you customer what  they  want  in mobile devices  fast loading pages  better  user  experience  good look and feel  easy navigation. Grab hold of that growing number of customer who uses mobile devices to shop. Also Keep Google  happy  so your site  won’t disappear from  search results.

Don’t Ignore  your customer  because most of customer  searching on mobile  devices and  we need to given then better  experience   which they  needed   to work easily on mobile devices .

There are different ways to make the website mobile friendly.

1.  Use already created template or themes   for development which is mobile friendly

2.  Write media query css for site to set your design as per requirement in different mobile screens.

3.  Use Bootstrap css Frame work in website designing. In bootstrap framework you will get predefined classed and section you can use them in your design to  work easily by adding classes .

4. If you are using any cms like word press you can go for related plug-in to make site responsive.

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