Thursday, January 5, 2017

Features Of new version (wordpress 4.7) of wordpress

     1.    New  Twenty Seventeen   Theme
A new theme added in New Release of wordpress  4.7  with video header  feature . Theme is mainly focus on business sites  and features  a customizable front page with multiple sections .You can use them with the help of widgets  , Navigation , Social menu , Logo , Custom  Colours  and other many  things .

     2.   No Destructive Live Previews
In wordpress 4.7  new feature is you can review the  live  preview of site  without saving the  actual changes to add them on site . In the customise section all the parts of site visible which you able to customize while live previewing. Click on any icon and start editing and you can customize your site in faster way.

     3. Smooth Menu Building

Lastly in many site have menu   and that links to pages of you site. But what you can do
When there is no pages yet . Now in new version you once create menu in the menu section when you publish menu section you will automatically  get new pages for site   to fill the  content in them.

      4.    Custom CSS

 Some time when you need to  make some little changes with css on your site  to make that look better  or solve little  issue to make your site perfect . Wordpress new version 4.7 help you to add custom CSS and you can check changes on frontend after saving that in backend. Also Preview with work directly without refresh pages.

     5.  PDF Thumbnail Previews  

Lastly in wordpress when you are uploading any PDF in media  section it will show you default thumbnail  there  for PDF doc. In NEW wordpress 4.7  you  will  see auto generated  PDF  thumbnail  so you can easily distinguish between different documents .

      6.  Dashboard In your Language

    One language  doest mean that  every body will  prefer same language for site . In New wordpress 4.7  you  will get  user language option to  change you language  .It will  show in wordpress user  Profiles .

      7.    Rest API End Points

New Wordpress 4.7  comes with  REST API  endpoints for posts , Comments , terms , users , meta  and settings .Content  endpoints provide machine-readable  external  access to your wordpress site .

      8.    Post Type  Templates

 New  opening for wordpress developer  is  post  type  template  like the one we are using  for  page template . You can create it easily by same way like
Template Name: New Post layout
Template Post Type: post, page, product

// … your code here

When At least one template exists in theme for post type   “Post attributes”  meta box will display in backend . Post attribute label can be customized    per post type using “attributes”  label when registering post type .

           9       Custom Bulk Actions

    In wordpress 4.7 developer can Register custom bulk action in the list table  screen in the  backend screen.

To add bulk action  email to all  you can use the  same function way  below :
add_filter( 'bulk_actions-edit-post', 'register_new_bulk_actions' );

function register_new_bulk_actions($bulk_actions) {
  $bulk_actions['email_to_all'] = __( 'Email to All', 'email_to_all');
  return $bulk_actions;

 Now how to handle the form submission

TO handle bulk action register a call back  handle_bulk_actions-edit-post

add_filter( 'handle_bulk_actions-edit-post', 'new_bulk_action_handler', 10, 3 ); 
function new_bulk_action_handler( $redirect_to, $doaction, $post_ids ) {
  if ( $doaction !== 'email_to_all' ) {
    return $redirect_to;
  foreach ( $post_ids as $post_id ) {
    // action for each post.
  $redirect_to = add_query_arg( 'bulk_emailed_posts', count( $post_ids ), $redirect_to );  return $redirect_to;  }
Show Notices

add_action( 'admin_notices', 'new_bulk_action_admin_notice' );

function new_bulk_action_admin_notice() {
  if ( ! empty( $_REQUEST['bulk_emailed_posts'] ) ) {
    $emailed_count = intval( $_REQUEST['bulk_emailed_posts'] );
    printf( '<div id="message" class="updated fade">' .
      _n( 'Emailed %s post to All.',
        'Emailed %s posts to All.',
      ) . '</div>', $emailed_count );

       10.   WP_Hook
New wordpress release 4.7   introduced reworking of action and filters iteration to address bugs that arose from recursive call back and from the call back that changed  the hooked call backs on currently running actions and filters. All the  things  are  look like same for all the  developer   as expected  this shuld fix number of hard traces bugs  when different plug-in make call back .

       11.    Registration Api Settings

Register_setting()  used to include type description and rest API Visibility Its  improved enabled more information for developer  about meta .
Register_setting   now accept an array  for argument  which allow  wordpress core to know more about settings . This is usefull for REST API, where wordpress needs to know more about  type of data settings .

     12.    Customize Change sets

Changes in customizer like auto save  drafts also make  existing  new feature  like starter content  possible.

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