Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How To Create Word press Theam

You can easily convert any given template in html to the word press

for this you have to first install wordpress on your computer and after that you have to go the the wp-content folder in the word press folder

in the wp-content you get the option of the wp-theams
in the theam folder you have available defoult theam of twentyten you copy that theam and make duplicate past of it and give it the name to your site theam

in your name theam go to the header.php file in this file you enter the header info which is in your html template and not chage the defoult menu funtion wp_nav_menu put it where you want to display your menu

after the on the page.php you can give the page content for the home page
in the side bar you can enter the static sidebar info
or in the footer .php you can enter the footer design info or content

after the you go to your site admin section in this section to go to the
the apearance option in this option you get the option of theam in the theam section you see the available theam that you created or other defoult theam that already activated you have to click your theam and activate it then you can see on your site on wordpress your theam working

Welcome any suggestion or question for more implementation


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