Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adding Side Bar to the Wordpress Theme

many time u also faces the problum of no side bar in the Admin section
then for this you can also check the file functions.php of its spelling

for other way you
extract your theme into a folder and open it to see all the files. If your theme has only one sidebar, then most probably you will NOT find a file called functions.php in your theme folder. In that case you will have to create this file yourself. Just open notepad or any other code editor to start a new file.

Save the file as functions.php and put it in your theme folder. This piece of code actually tells WordPress to register two sidebars for you (See register_sidebars(2) in the code). If your theme has more than one sidebar, you will find the functions.php file already present in your theme folder. You just have to edit the number to your requirement and save the file.


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